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What is Retargeting?

What is retargeting in online marketing? Have you ever gone to a website to look at a product, left the site suddenly that product from that company is following you around as you browse the internet and social media? Welcome to the digital marketing world of retargeting! Retargeting is a kind of online marketing, display advertising method that helps the brand stay in front of the user even after the user leaves that company’s website. Retargeting keeps tracks of people who visit your site and then your ads are displayed to them even when they visit other sites online after leaving your site.

What Retargeting is not

Retargeting is not audience targeting but people often confuse the two. Audience targeting is completely different in that it can be segmented by demographics, Internet behaviors, product-usage behaviors etc. Unlike retargeting, it doesn’t follow the user from a specific searched website. For example, a high end lingerie brand will target richer, working female audiences who can afford the brand.

The purpose of retargeting?

The purpose of retargeting is to convert the window shoppers into buyers. For most websites, only 2% of the shoppers convert on their first time to an online store. Retargeting is a marketing tool that has been designed to help reach the 98% of visitors who don’t convert right away.

How does it work?

Retargeting uses a cookie-based technology. This technology used a JavaScript code that follows your audience, anonymously, all over the Web.

Specifications: you insert a small, discreet piece of code on your website, also known as a pixel sometimes. This pixel, or code, will not be noticed by your site’s visitors and does not affect the performance of your site in any way. SO whenever your site has a new visitor, the code releases an anonymous browser cookie. Now that your visitors have a cookie, that cookie will let your retargeting provider serve your display ads on other websites, making sure that your ads are served only to people who have visited your website before. The website owner sets the length of time for the individual to see the ad, typically anywhere between several days up to one month.

Who should use retargeting?

This depends on your marketing budget. On a very simple level, every time a potential customer of your site sees your retargeted display ad, they will be reminded of their initial desire to purchase something from you. It can possibly steer them back. Repeated reminders through retargeted displays ads also create brand awareness.

Due to these advantages, retargeting has become a powerful and popular conversion and branding tool. But it works best if it used as part of a bigger digital strategy. It should be used with outbound and inbound marketing. Most shopping sites use retargeting to bring back any potential customers who had visited their site.


Retargeting has become more and more popular as online brands want their customers and potential buyers to keep coming back to their website. Instead of targeting just one particular group, retargeting tries to attract anyone who shows even the slightest bit of interest in their brand by visiting their website. Doing so earns the online store more conversions.

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