Video marketing has taken the center stage. Firms now leverage quality media content into marketing of their services. Video marketing has proven to be very effective in promoting a company’s service, product, or market brand. It is no hidden secret that search engine algorithms favors videos. Here are some of the ways video marketing impacts SEO:

  • Visually and mentally receptive: With various ads and campaigns flooding cyberspace, people are overwhelmed with information they find difficult to process. Videos are short, sweet, understandable and clear.
  • Improving a company’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rank: The research carried out by Forrester seven years ago states that the possibility of video to rank on Google’s first page is 53 times more likely. Companies that appear on the first page of Google get approximately 71 Percent of organic clicks vs. that of a business on the second page, which receives just 5 percent of organic clicks. Due to some factors like the Hummingbird algorithm on Google, which came out in 2013 and favors rich content over keyword optimization, video marketing has shown to positively impact SEO.
  • Increases conversion rates: There is a higher possibility for consumers to sign up or purchase a service once they have watched a video. Getting more traffic with no increase in conversion is basically useless. Traffic is driven by search engines but conversion rests on the landing page and content. This is the point where video plays its role.
  • Video is easily shared: Whether video comes in entertainment, humor, inspiration, or instruction form, if customers find the content of your video to be valuable and rich, there is a higher chance of sharing it, thereby helping the linking-fest.
  • Increases engagement: According to a study by ComScore, websites containing videos captivate the attention of viewers two minutes longer than websites with no video. The amount of time spent on a site is among the factors search engines use to decide relevancy. The ability for a site to grab its viewers’ attention is a big feat, and videos are the best bet to achieve this.
  • Boosts customer confidence: When a customer is yet to decide to opt for your service or brand, testimonials from customers are the next thing they search for. A testimonial in a text form with name, location, and picture will only get them partially convinced. Nevertheless, if your website has a video testimonial on that service or product, it is more likely to fully convince the customer thus effectively impacting your SEO-search engine optimization.

Here are tips to optimize your video on YouTube:

  • Use tittles with the major keyword you will desire to have your video ranked
  • Create full explanation
  • Your videos should be concise and direct as possible
  • Avoid long videos – usually 1-2 minute videos are perfect
  • Use the right titles and tags
  • Make your videos in a call-to-act manner

With the continuous development and advancement of online advertising, video ads are now starting to come out on Google PPC. Furthermore, a company can also use video on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to reach their ideal audience. While some businesses are afraid of video, we at BCoSF, Inc. know that video is the way of the future and is here to stay.