Today Small Business owners have choices in how you want to be represented on the web. No longer must you have a coded site that is controlled by your Webmaster where you must contact him or her to make any changes. In fact you have a ton of options and more continue to pop up daily. The four most popular seem to be WordPress, Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace that allow you to update the website yourself or better yet have your assistant update it. Each of these platforms offers you a wide range of choices for the look and feel.

What is the bottom line for your website? Is it how it looks? The user friendliness? The branding elements? Yes, it is the look, the feel and definitely the brand because this is your online marketing brochure for the world to potentially see. You want your site to be professional, represent and build consistency for your brand and provide the individual or business the information they are looking for. With that being said, all of these platforms have the capability of creating a nice look and feel although WordPress is probably the most comprehensive and allows you to build the exact elements you want for your site or pick a theme from 1000’s of choices that has what you are looking for.

But after the look and feel, we have the SEO or Search Engine Optimization. You don’t simply want to create a website so when someone gets your business card, they will go to your site and check it out. Otherwise you have to hand out a lot of business cards. Instead you want your site to be found on the web by a potential client. I will not lie and say that SEO is an easy job. It is not. Google is constantly changing its algorithms so the average business doesn’t know what to do or how to adjust. If you are dependent on web traffic for your business, then you might want to consider hiring a professional (but this takes lots of research and recommendations). With that being said, I am simply talking about what template to use to build your website. This is step one of your online presence. Many agree that when you look at “Search Engine Friendliness” that WordPress is the best of the four. That doesn’t mean the other three are horrible because they have improved but they aren’t WordPress. While WordPress may take a little longer to understand than one of the other three platforms, in the end it is worth it.



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