According to Andrey Lipattsev, Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, high quality content and link building are the two most important signals used by Google to rank your website for search. (Source: Search Engine Watch, 2016)

Directory Listings and Citations

In business today, one of the most powerful tools is online visibility. Directory Listings and Citations contribute to your online presence by validating your business’s contact information and category. This confirms to search engines that your business does indeed exist. Having quality Directory Listings and Citations is essential. We carry out an extensive review of all of your Directory Listings and Citations to determine if your business listing online is accurate and carries the right details to help improve rankings.

Google and other search engines look to these listings for information. If they are consistent, valid and up-to-date, then it positively impacts your credibility, visibility and authority. By having multiple Directory Listings & Citations, you give search engines the green light about how your business is operating, making it much easier to be recommended.

Backlinking is also a key element of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. With the right kind of linking strategy, you will vastly improve your SEO validity. Your ranking will be positively impacted on the search rankings with the backlinks from popular and credible directories and listings. Search engines know what sites are linking back to your website and this is very useful as a means of improving your overall image and impression.

Directory Listings and Citations is a long-term SEO strategy. It is a necessary part of SEO but it won’t provide you the immediate, quick results. It is instead a part of the larger marketing and SEO picture. Potential clients want to see that your business is valid and has longevity. If your directory listings have inaccurate information, then it not only will hurt you on Google and other search engines but it also presents a mixed message to your potential client who finds you online.


We offer a cost-effective directory and citation plan that you can work with to ensure you get a high-efficiency solution at a price you can afford. We will deliver to you an annual pricing structure that is going to include updating everything from the name of the company to contact details, addresses and more. While Directory Listings and Citations are only one aspect of online visibility, they are an important one to develop for long-term success.

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