Grow Your Business With Our Powerful Retargeting Service

Have you ever been online and noticed an advertisement from a different website you recently visited? There is chance that you were being retargeted. Retargeting, which can also be called remarketing, is a type of online advertisement tool that assists in keeping your brand in front of bounced visitors long after they have left your website. Most websites only convert 2% of traffic on their first visit, but with retargeting, your brand can reach 98% of people who don’t convert on their first visit. As a matter of fact, experts believes that a consumer may not buy your product/service until they have seen the ads seven times; other marketers believe the magic number is much higher.

Retargeting is simply a way of tagging users that visit your website with a cookie, then displaying your website banner, text or media ad to these set of people when they visit another site at a different time.

Does Retargeting Work?

People react to a retargeting campaign with a “wow” when they start seeing your website banner everywhere across the Internet. There are several smart and successful implementations for using retargeting that boost sales and profitability for your business. But understand that retargeting is not applicable for every campaign and often requires you to have a certain amount of traffic to your website before retargeting can be effective. This is what we recommend for our clients, and most of them have seen great results in their marketing campaign when retargeting is utilized as a strategic advertising tool.

Is Retargeting right for your business?

  • Is your online advertisement budget more than $1000 per month?
  • Do you have enough visitors to your website every month?
  • Do you have concern for continual online branding for your business?
  • Do you have other businesses competing with you?

If you can answer “yes” to any of the above questions, then do not hesitate to contact BCoSF Media, located in Delray Beach, to discuss with whether retargeting is an effective marketing campaign strategy for you. Call (561) 276-4422 or register online for your complimentary assessment of your online presence today.